Diablo Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Diablo Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Diablo Rhodesian RidgebacksDiablo Rhodesian RidgebacksDiablo Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Established 2000

Pleasanton, CA

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About Us


Our Roots

Diablo Rhodesian Ridgebacks was founded in 2000 with the acquisition of our first show dog, Solo, from breeder Linda Hellinge of Shadowridge. We never expected to either show or breed ridgebacks until we attended out first dog show. Our foundation dogs are pictured above: our first ridgeback Molly seated in the foreground, Shelby the bitch who started our line of dogs on the left , and Solo who stole our heart and got us hooked on exhibiting in conformation with his first blue ribbon. 

Our goal has always been to breed healthy family pets with great temperaments who conform to the AKC breed standard. All of our show dogs, even the most successful of them, are someone's family pet. 


Incredible Pedigrees, Incredible Champions

Our dogs are carefully bred for improvement, every litter. As a result, our show dogs are accomplished, highly successful dogs.



We are preservationist breeders who breed one or two litters a year. We target health and soundness by testing all breeding pairs for structural and genetic health issues.